Thursday, July 29, 2010

Readers and booklovers

Module 6 topic 1

As I do not want to register for an online book resource I have selected those that are available without registering. This means that I checked out a few resources but did not search for suggested next reads.

I used the online book suggestion resource ‘What should I read next' and searched the title Mr.Perfect by Linda Howard; this was a contemporary mystery about four female colleagues at a Michigan corporation who compile a list of qualities that would make up the perfect man, they unwittingly unleash a murderer who targets them for the perfect murder--one at a time. My search returned a long list and I had read at least 5 of the titles recommended but there were several historical and harlequin romance titles that I believe would not be a similar type of read to Mr. Perfect.

Next I selected The Book Seer and again searched Mr. Perfect but I am still waiting for it to load results although I could as it suggested ‘ask your local bookshop or your local library.’!

I also checked out Biblio Travel and searched Michigan which returned 38 results of titles both fiction and nonfiction adult and children’s. Interesting when you do a search simply for mystery the results listed were 399, listed 20 results to a page, and not just recently published titles either.

If I ever get to the stage that I do not have several books on my request list then I will be exploring these resouces to find my next read. I think that there definitely will be patrons who would find online book resources extremely useful.

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