Thursday, July 22, 2010

Google Alert

I have monitored the 3 google alerts I set up.
The news report for High blood pressure alert did not need to be refined and after reviewing a weeks results there was no problems with articles being repeated. The results were limited to 10 per day but I only received the full 10 on 2 days and for the rest of the week the results ranged from as low as 3 and up to 8.
The news report Earthquake alert did not need to be refined; results were limited to 10 per day and for 5 out of the 7 days I received 10 results and 9 each on the other 2 days.
The other alert for GST exemption bill New Zealand did need to be refined as no results were received. I have refined the alert to GST New Zealand and will monitor this alert to see what results I receive with the modified alert.
I would recommend this service to patrons who had a special interest topic that they wanted to keep up to date with.
It is possible that I will use this again in the future, particularly as alerts are easy to set up, refine and delete.

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