Sunday, August 1, 2010

File Converters

This was a very interesting exercise and I think the Google Docs tool was straight forward to use, however there were noticeable changes from the original to the converted document.
The heading on the original was monotype corsiva 36 pt, blue, centred and italic. The converted file was normal text verdana 36 pt, blue, centred but with no italics.
So fonts did change during this exercise.
I found that the wonderful smiling face, waving hand and Hello in the original document did not appear in the converted file version. Therefore graphics could be an issue.
The bullet points lost the original formating both with regard to the symbol used and the colours. The converted document only used the standard basic black bullet point dot.
The table in the original document was slightly wider than the one in the converted file. The original document had 2 words (Meouw and oink) underlined in red so spell checker was on but this did not appear on the converted file.
I think that having knowledge of file converters is useful and that our patrons will have occasions when they will need to use these. It is important to remember however that when converting files some of the formatting will be lost; and that images and graphics might also cause some problems.

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